How do I start an online shop/store for my small business?

In my 6 years in the web hosting and website design industry, I have realized that it is the small business owners who are slow to take advantage of technology. Technology is not selective in nature and if successfully applied it can be used to grow any business into profitability. What this basically means is that as an entrepreneur you must not wait until you are “BIG” before you can learn to harness technology. Actually you can become big by harnessing technology. Even if you are running a rural trading post or sell goods at an informal market, technology can give you information, efficiency and competitive edge  to succeed and prosper. In this blog post I want to help that small business owner thinking about starting an online shop/store for his/her business but afraid that it will break his bank account or maybe he does not have the technical knowledge to manage an online shop.

If I start an online shop/store how much will it cost me altogether?

Our very own website is an ecommerce website, we sell services such as web hosting, domains, web development services. Our website can process payments, send invoices automatically to clients, register/transfer domains, send invoices for due payment and reminders automatically and other cool things. After going through this blog post browse to explore the ecommerce nature of our website. It took us around 1 hour to build our ecommerce website and if we were doing for a customer we would have billed him/her R3150 that’s a fair price but in reality we would bill R11000. Why? because in your eyes as the client it looks complicated giving me room to bill you whatever l see fit. That is how most web developers operate yet its something that can be done in 3 hours or less. If you are a small business owner selling goods and you want a full ecommerce solution that can process payments, with a cart and check out functionalities we have an E-commerce package suited for you for only R2750. See pricing table below. Our E-commerce package below includes all the necessary features or rather must haves you need in your online shop to succeed. The package includes 12 months of hosting and a free domain. After 12 months your annual hosting becomes R550. If you happen to have any questions please feel free to contact Cliff on  Call 0627640225, WhatsApp: +27783488022, Email: and I will be happy to address your questions.

Ecommerce Solution For Small Business

  • Great package for an online shop or ecommerce website.

  • FREE domain

  • Unlimited number of products

  • Deep eCommerce Integration!

  • Multiple Product Category display options

  • Product and content search function

  • Promo Ticker

  • Page banner

  • Beautiful product and checkout pages

  • 2000 mb Disk space

  • 200 Emails

  • 600 Gb Data per day

In case you want to know how much we offer a standard company website see the pricing table below:

Standard Website

  • Best package for standard company websites,personal websites,photography websites etc

  • 15 pages or less

  • FREE domain e.g

  • 50 Business Emails (Have 50 Employees?)

  • Google webmaster registration

  • Google analytics integration

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter etc)

  • Separate Blog layout

  • Jetpack security installation (Protects Website From Spam)

  • Elegant Contact forms

  • 150 Gb of Data per day (Enough for thousands of visitors per day)

Will I be able to maintain my online shop on my own e.g giving out a coupon to my customers?

The short answer is YES. The long answer. You will have access to a your ecommerce or online shop admin area with full administrator access and you will have access to a number of exciting tools to help you manage your shop. The good news is that you do not need any technical knowledge. We will set up your full online shop/store and we will hand over to you and YOU alone will make the big decisions. Its your shop after all. You will make decisions on the tax system, delivery charges, coupons, giving out special discount promotions. An interesting thing about a full ecommerce solution is that it has all the features a physical shop has. You will be to showcase your new product arrivals, remove and add products, set stock limits amongst other things.

SSL Certificate

It is very important that you buy things online from secure websites, I mean websites with SSL certificates. if you buy from unsecured website hackers will intercept your card or debit details which can end up resulting in you losing a lot of money a secured website starts with https:// and an unsecured website starts with http:// the difference is that “s” which tells you this website is secure its safe to do business with. If your website is not an ecommerce or process payments an SSL certificate is not really mandatory. You can buy an SSL certificate for R250 for 12 months. Once your customers see that its secured they feel safe, you won’t lose business. We have an SSL certificate see screen shot of our URL


How much will a  payment gateway cost?

A payment gateway is an engine that manages all the payment transactions on your website. Examples of payment gateways are Paypal, Payfast, Sage Pay etc. We use Payfast because its a South African solution for a South African problem and there are no monthly fees which is great. They only take a small fee on every transaction you make between 2-7%., meaning if you do not sell anything you don’t pay anything and this is the perfect solution for a small business. If you are a small business owner you are the person who needs technology more to grow and prosper. You do not have to do anything we will integrate the payment gateway for you on your website.

Web hosting and Development Is About People

Web hosting and development is about people. Its about caring for our clients, staff, partners its about wanting the best someone in general. Because of that we do not want to build you your online shop/store and thats the end of it. We wont allow that. We believe that like having real relationships with other people in our personal lives business is not that much of a difference which is why our business model is centered on having productive relationships with our clients. We want to follow you and your business on social media and we want to be as close as possible to you so that you can easily reach us whenever you want us. If you succeed we succeed also. Whenever you need advice maybezon SEO or online marketing in general just pick up your phone and ask us at absolutely no cost.

I look forward to hearing from many small businesses looking to establish an online presence. If you are not taking advantage of technology you are most probably losing money do not be left behind. Take advantage of technology as much as you can.

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