How South African small businesses can apply for United Nations (UN) tenders/business opportunities

Many Small businesses in South Africa  fail not because the business idea was weak but because the founders simply lack the information to open opportunities for their projects. I am in the web hosting industry meaning on a daily basis I deal with many small business owners looking to buy web hosting and website design services from us so that their small business can go online and benefit from the internet. What I have realized from most of these small business owners is that they think putting their small business online or rather getting a website is a pointless investment. YOU ARE WRONG! As I will show you in a moment that vital information that can win you more business exists online and on a simple UN website. A few years back when we started our web hosting and website design services, we really struggled to get customers, and those we got we would have really worked hard to get, until one day we learnt about the Tender opportunities offered by the United nations and we qualified for the For Basic Level – Estimated Contract Award less than US $40,000 (R520000), which is the level most South Africn small business with little or no references qualify. I will not go into too much detail but after working hard we got a R200000 tender for some web hosting and web development project. You can just imagine how that revenue meant for the survival of our small business. We looked at the right place using a smartphone connected to the internet. Every business owner has the internet and a smartphone so lets talk. If you happen to have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on Call: 0627640225, WhatsApp: 0783888022 or Email:


The UN offers 3 levels of contract awards which are

  1. For Basic Level – Estimated Contract Award less than US $40,000 (R520000)
  2. For Level 1 – Estimated Contract Award up to US $500,000 (R6.5 million)
  3. For Level 2 – Estimated Contract Award over US $500,000 (R6.5 million)

Requirements for the Basic Level are as follows

  • Company Name, Company’s most senior official, Company type, License number, Country/Area, Telephone number, Number of employees
  • Company address and website
  • Registration type
  • Contacts: including name, title, telephone, e-mail, etc.
  • Commodity Codes (UNSPSC)
  • Declaration of eligibility

IMPORTANT HERE: You do not need any references, nothing only in Level one, references or clients list are required.

There is nothing absolutely complicated about these requirements for you to position yourself to win a contract for less than R520000. The main thing you must just do is just register your compaany to a (PTY) LTD, thats all period. The other requirements you already have. I find it strange when I see entrepreneurs debating about whether to register a company or not. Look if you do not have a registered company you wont benefit from thousands of tenders that are published daily on the UN website. An organized entrepreneur must 1. Register a company + Tax clearance 2. Write a company profile 3. Get A professional website designed 4. Get business emails with your domain 5. Open strong social media accounts for your business 6. Business cards etc Trust me image is everything in business. For those entrepreneurs looking at registering their companies we have affordable registration packages we offer that go with website design to give your business a strong online presence. If you are interested simply contact me on Call: 0627640225, WhatsApp: 0783888022 or Email:


(Pty) Ltd Only

  • Register Today!

  • Company Registration (Pty) Ltd

  • SARS Tax Clearance
  • SARS Tax Income Certificate
  • Name Reservation

startup package

  • No monthly fees

  • Company Registration (Pty) Ltd

  • SARS Tax Clearance
  • SARS Tax Income Certificate
  • Name Reservation
  • 15 pages or less page modern & interactive website
  • Jetpack Security Installation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • 30 Business email
  • domain
  • 1 year hosting (No monthly fees)

For Level 1 – Estimated Contract Award up to US $500,000

Documents required in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format:

  • Current certificate of incorporation or equivalent document verifying legal status/capacity*.

On-line Screen Information that will be requested:

  • Same as for Basic plus:
  • At least three references
  • Company information such as company ownership
  • *Note: The vendor must be in business for a minimum of three years.

For Level 2 – Estimated Contract Award over US $500,000

Documents required in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format:

  • Same as Level 1 plus:
  • At least three reference letters
  • Financial documents including Income Statement and Balance Sheet (audited financial statements or equivalent) for the last three years to be submitted with Auditors report or External Accountant Report.

All vendors are encouraged to start the registration process at level 1. Only vendors interested in contracts up to $40,000 should register at Basic level. After completion of registration at level 1, vendors can upgrade to level 2 registration at any time.

Evaluation of Applications: Each application will be evaluated by UNPD on the basis of compliance with the eligibility, completeness and quality of information provided, relevance of the goods or services, references, experience, evidence of ability to perform, and the overall financial soundness of the vendor.  Successful vendors will be notified of the completion of their registration by e-mail addressed from the UNGM Registry.


What I have done is give you some home work note I did not include a link to the UN Tender Database it was intentional. I have given you bones, hungry business owners will put the meat. I know you will Google it out but if any of you have any questions please make contact. Subscribe to this blog because there is going to be a part 2 whereby I give out tips on how you can win a contract.

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