Tutorial to setup your new Email Account on your iPhone:

– Go to Settings
– Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
– Select Add an Account
– Select Other (usually at the end of the list)
– Select Add Mail Account and it will display a New Account screen

– Enter the following information:
Name: the name you wish to have displayed as Sender
Email: the email address you have setup with your ISP
Password: the one relevent to the above email address
Description: a pertinent one especially – if you have more than one email address registered to your phone

Email Setup on iPhone 1

– Select Next
– Select the protocol IMAP (preferred) or POP3
– Enter the following information for either of them:

Incoming Mail Server:
Host Name: mail.yourdomainname.co.za  or rs1.cphost.co.za
User Name: this will be your email address
Password: your email password

 Outgoing Mail Server:
Host Name: mail.yourdomainname.co.za or rs1.cphost.co.za
User Name: this will be your email address
Password: your email password

Email Setup on iPhone 2

– Select Next
If you have selected IMAP you can now enable Mail & Notes and then select Save and the automated system will complete its required validity checks.

– Once the validity checks have been completed it will revert back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars – please select the newly created mail account.
– Scroll down and select Advanced, where you will need to setup additional Incoming settings for IMAP or POP3
– IMAP connection uses Port 143 incoming (where SSL has been disabled)
– POP3 connection uses Port 110 incoming (where SSL has been disbaled)

Email Setup on iPhone 3

– Return to the previous screen i.e. Account and select Outgoing Mail Server by selecting SMTP
– Scroll down and select Advanced, where you will need to setup additional Outgoing settings
– Both IMAP & POP3 connect using Port 587 outgoing (where SSL has been disabled)
– Please ensure that Authentication displays as Password

Email Setup on iPhone 4

– Select Done
– Your new email account should now be functional.

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