In the online form below we ask you to provide 4 different company names in order of  preference. This is very IMPORTANT!. Company names must be unique. If the Registrar of Companies detects that your first choice name is similar to another already registered company in the database they check your second name choice and so on until a unique name is found. Generally 4 names is enough but in some instances they all get rejected in that situation we update you and start over at no extra cost.


  1. Your company names must be in order of preference
  2. Please complete the Director details without using abbreviations. (A minimum of 1 Director is required i.e. the owner of the business.)
  3. Company registration alone takes at most 7 working days and during that time we will be working together to building a website that reflects your brand
  4. Prepare your CERTIFIED ID/PASSPORT copies.
8 + 5 =
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